Hospital plans moving forwardPlans are moving forward to...


April 26, 1992|By Susan Canfora

Hospital plans moving forward

Plans are moving forward to start construction of Atlantic General Hospital, which will be built on 7.5 acres of land at routes 50 and 113 in Berlin. Hospital supporters were concerned that the state wouldn't grant its share of funding this year. But, at the last minute, the hospital got $4.5 million of the $5 million requested.

Legislators from the Eastern Shore say they will request the remaining $500,000 next year. The hospital will cost about $15 million. The Worcester County Commissioners have provided another $5 million and more than $6 million has been raised through private contributions, including $2.5 million from Ocean City.

Budget time in Ocean City

It's budget time in Ocean City, and City Manager Dennis Dare said he is talking with department heads not only about how much money they need, but also about where the money is going to come from. "We've been cutting the budget," Mr. Dare said. "It's tighter now than ever. They have to think about where the money is coming from. They've have to learn to do more with less."

His influence must be working because some department heads have volunteered to do duties to save the town money. For

instance, Police Chief David Massey painted his own office. Also, the head of the Transportation Department Darryl Rose said some of his bus drivers come in early and make sure the inside of their buses are clean.

"The do it on their own. They have personal pride," Mr. Rose said.

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