April 25, 1992

An article in the Friday Sun about the proposed increase in the piggyback tax for Baltimore County residents said that for someone earning $50,000 a year, the increase would total $83 annually.

That figure was based on numbers provided by County Budget Director Fred Homan, who assumed a net taxable income of $35,000, a figure which reflects the average net taxable income among residents with varying deductions in a recent year.

Currently, state income tax is 5 percent of net taxable income. The piggyback tax is half the state tax, or 2.5 percent. Baltimore County Executive Roger B. Hayden is proposing to raise the piggyback tax from 50 percent of the state income tax to 55 percent, or from 2.5 percent of net taxable income to 2.75 percent -- a 0.25 percent increase. That equals $87 a year.

Mr. Homan used the $83 estimate as a rough calculation of what an average taxpayer might owe. But that amount may vary depending on an individual's specific financial circumstances.

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