Nobel raises prize moneyThe Nobel Foundation has announced...


April 25, 1992

Nobel raises prize money

The Nobel Foundation has announced it will increase the value of the 1992 Nobel Prizes by 8 percent from last year, to more than $1 million. The 1992 award increase was made possible by a 6 percent rise in operating profit on investments, the foundation said.

U.S. female rabbi marks 20th anniversary

Rabbi Sally Priesand, the first female rabbi ordained in the United States, just marked the 20th anniversary of the event.

"I thought the ultimate goal was to become rabbi of a large congregation," she said. "My congregation [in Tinton Falls, N.J.] taught me to reject that notion.

"Life is not measured by wealth or power, material possessions or fame. Life is counted in terms of goodness and growth."

Hammer enters horse in Derby

One of rap star Hammer's 21 horses, Dance Floor, will compete in the Kentucky Derby on May 2.

Last year, filly Lite Year made the hip-hopper a winner in the Kentucky Oaks, which is run the day before the Derby. "It was the first time in the race's 117-year history that the winner has been owned by a black American," he said.

Red-eye meeting for Duke, Brown

USAir passengers on the late-night flight from Pittsburgh to Washington were in for a quiet flight -- then David Duke, failed candidate and former wearer of white hoods and sheets, got on board. Minutes later, former California Gov. Jerry Brown, who's still in the race, walked down the aisle.

They met. They talked.

It was Mr. Duke who pursued the conversation, which included a discussion about flat tax -- a proposal both men support.

"Jerry didn't say boo. He was sitting with a look of green on his face," said Jacques Barzaghi, Mr. Brown's semi-mystical adviser, who was sitting near the two.

Trump threatens to withhold alimony

In the latest round of Trump: Real estate developer Donald Trump is threatening to withhold this year's $350,000 alimony payment to ex-wife Ivana Trump.

At a court hearing Thursday, Mr. Trump's lawyer said Mrs. Trump violated an agreement to keep quiet about Mr. Trump and their marriage when she said in an interview that she had gotten her ex-husband's "last $10 million."

Attorney Judd Burstein says that means Mr. Trump doesn't have to make this year's payment, due in August. Mr. Trump said later he will continue to pay $300,000 in child support.

Height of success

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