24,168 get piece of Rockies

April 24, 1992

Although the Colorado Rockies won't field a team for another year, the franchise already ranks fourth among major-league teams in season-ticket sales.

The club has commitments for 24,168 season tickets, Rockies president Steve Ehrhart said yesterday.

That trails only the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have sold 27,000 season tickets, the Toronto Blue Jays (26,000) and the Orioles (24,400). The Dodgers and Blue Jays cut off season-ticket sales at their respective totals.

* YANKEES: The formal settlement of Leonard Kleinman's lawsuit against commissioner Fay Vincent was pushed back a day because documents arrived too late yesterday.

Robert Costello, Kleinman's lawyer, said the delay was caused by the late arrival of documents signed by principal owner George Steinbrenner and managing general partner Joseph Molloy, who both are in Tampa, Fla.

"When it absolutely, positively had to be there, it was not," Costello said. "The Federal Express plane was diverted to Philadelphia or Boston because of fog."

* MARINERS: Baseball's ownership committee announced it will meet Thursday in Chicago to discuss the proposed sale of the club to a Japanese-backed group.

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