Milligan taken off field after collision

April 23, 1992|By Jim Henneman | Jim Henneman,Staff Writer

KANSAS CITY, MO. — KANSAS CITY -- Orioles' first baseman Randy Milligan suffered an apparent injury to his neck or jaw after a fifth inning collision with second baseman Bill Ripken.

Milligan laid motionless on the field for almost 20 minutes before being removed by paramedics. It appeared that a neck brace was applied while Milligan was on a stretcher.

The collision occured as Milligan was fielding a ground ball hit by Kansas City Royals' Keith Miller.

Milligan darted to his right and Ripken moved to his left. Ripken's shoulder appeared to catch Milligan flush on the jaw after Milligan fielded the ball almost halfway between first and second base.

Ripken's shoulder seemed to hit just below Milligan's left jaw, and both players sprawled to the ground. Ripken got up #F immediately, but Milligan was knocked unconscious.

By the time he left in an ambulance, Milligan was reported to be conscious and alert and was moving all of his limbs.

Trainer Richie Bancells said Milligan was unconscious for "six or seven seconds" after he reached him. Milligan said he initially felt a burning sensation and numbness in the back of his neck, explaining the brace, but those sensations dissipated by the time he entered the ambulance.

"With a neck injury, you're not going to mess around," said Bancells. "I felt we had to get a brace on him right away."

Ripken also went to the hospital to have his shoulder examined, but his injury did not appear to be as severe.

K? Milligan was hitting .195 with two home runs and eight RBI.

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