The Advocates

April 23, 1992

These are the three lawyers in the abortion rights hearing at the Supreme Court yesterday:

Kathryn Kolbert, 40, of Philadelphia: Represents five abortion clinics and a Pittsburgh doctor, challenging two state anti-abortion laws. State coordinating counsel on reproductive health law, American Civil Liberties Union. Second appearance before the court. In the first, in 1986, she won a 5-4 ruling that went further than any prior decision to uphold abortion rights; that case involved an earlier challenge to a Pennsylvania law containing some of the same kinds of restrictions that are in the new laws under review.

Ernest D. Preate, Jr., 51, of Harrisburg: State attorney general of Pennsylvania, representing the state and defending the laws first term in statewide office, Republican, now seeking reelection. Made political reputation as murder cases prosecutor in Scranton and as strong advocate of the death penalty; has written a book on how to prosecute death penalty cases. Second appearance before the court. In the first, in 1989, won a major ruling upholding the Pennsylvania death penalty law.

Kenneth W. Starr, 45, of Washington, D.C: U.S. solicitor general, representing U.S. government as "friend of the court," defending the state laws. Twenty-first appearance before the court as the federal government's top legal advocate. In 20 prior arguments, he has won 12 cases and lost three, by his office's count; five remain undecided.

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