Doctor Cleared In Suit

Court docket

April 22, 1992

WESTMINSTER — A Carroll County Circuit Court jury on Monday found in favor of a Washington Heights Medical Center doctor who had been accused of misdiagnosing a woman's tumor.

The jury said that Dr. Niel J. Borrelli was not liable for the 1988 death of McCay Vernon's 63-year-old wife, Edith.

Vernon had alleged that Borrelli had improperly diagnosed her in 1986 when she came to him complaining of bleeding, stomach pains and cramping. After performing several tests, he told her that there was nothing wrong.

Two years later, she returned complaining of the same symptoms. This time, the test revealed a tumor lining the sides ofher stomach. She died later that year.

This is the second time the case has been tried. In the first trial, in 1990, the jury also found in favor of the doctor. However, Vernon appealed the verdict, saying that the jury had been improperly instructed by the judge.



WESTMINSTER -- Lawyer Coleen S. Clemente failed to obtain

an injunction that would have prevented Maryland State Trooper Richard Wolfe from saying anythingabout her legal abilities.

Carroll County Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. declined to grant her request to extend a 10-day order that would have barred Wolfe from making any comments about Clemente before a jury trial can be held on allegations that Wolfe defamed Clemente.

Clemente filed a suit against Wolfe, alleging that he told oneof her clients he "had made a foolish mistake" in hiring Clemente.

Wolfe denies that he made those statements.

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