Designers show less skin for fall

April 22, 1992|By Woody Hochswender | Woody Hochswender,New York Times News Service

The skin show in fashion seems to be over, at least in New York. The fall collections were the most covered-up in years. At Calvin Klein the models were practically buried in clothes.

The trend toward basics, symbolized by the Gap, may or may not spell a threat to designer fashion, but some designers are not sitting still. They're co-opting it.

At Perry Ellis, one theme running through Marc Jacobs' collection was the pocket T-shirt dress, like the Gap but designerized. These pocket-T's were long, slit up the sides and made of gray wool jersey or rayon and Lycra spandex in colors. They will cost about $325 in the stores.

After sending out his models layered within an inch of their lives, Calvin Klein walked down the runway wearing khaki pants and a white T-shirt, his triceps bulging. Has he been working out, or getting schmaltz injections?

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