Brenda Chavis is a secretary for the Maryland Division of...


April 22, 1992

Brenda Chavis is a secretary for the Maryland Division of Corrections, but she has an active lifestyle outside of her daily work schedule. Her weekends are busy with four-wheeling, body building, dancing and fishing when she does not have part-time modeling assignments. But her real love is writing. Shewon a writing contest sponsored by station WWIN promoting the Patti Austin song "Givin' in to Love," with a prize of an appearance on the Joan Rivers Show. "It was a great moment for me," Ms. Chavis says, "we had 10 minutes of air time talkingabout love and Joan Rivers told me I could be Miss America."

How would you describe your taste in clothing?

My tastes range all over the place. I like funky and sophisticated clothes. You can mix them and come up with something unique. I've learned to mix as a model in full-figure sizes. I wear a 14.

What's the newest thing in your closet?

It's a red sequin dress I bought at Macy's for my appearance on the Joan Rivers show.

What's the oldest thing in your closet?

A pair of purple suede cowboy boots I bought at Value Village on York Road. They're about 10 years old, but real favorites and I wear them a lot.

Do you have a true standby that you wear to feel good?

It's a black mini-dress. I believe women should show their legs. To me the mini never went out of style and it never will. Just look at Tina Turner, she's my idol.

What have you held on to for sentimental reasons?

I keep a blouse my grandmother gave me years ago. It was the ugliest blouse I have ever seen and it never fit, but I can't get rid of it because it was her gift.

What's the most expensive item in your closet?

The red dress I bought for the Joan Rivers show, It cost $250. I just felt that I'd be hobnobbing with the stars and wanted to look like one.

What's the least expensive item in your closet?

A pair of lace gloves I found for 50 cents at a second-hand store.

What's the wildest outfit you ever bought?

It's a tiger-skin jacket and skirt. I always wear a black lace top with it and I have tiger sunglasses to match.

What are your favorite accessories?

A friend at work just gave me earrings and a matching necklace that look like leaves. And, of course, I love shoes.

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