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April 21, 1992

Is it anecdotal evidence that Health Images, a publicly traded diagnostic imaging company, formed joint ventures with doctors its early years, but decided to drop the practice and bought out the partnerships because this company found that physician investment impeded rather than facilitated high quality peer reviewed care?

The Sun's source of information came from the lobbyist for Radiation Care, Inc., the $50 million company primarily owned by physicians who make referrals to their own centers for their own financial gain. Recent articles have detailed how the sophisticated financial programs of several of these companies corrupt the traditional doctor-patient relationship for financial self-gain.

This bill was supported not only by the state medical society, the Maryland Radiological Society, local medical societies, but also by the AFL-CIO, Maryland Chamber of Commerce and Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Maryland.

Unfortunately, your editorial had its desired political effect, burying the facts and leading to the defeat of a bill which had the potential to save Marylanders millions of health care dollars.

Lawrence E. Holder, M.D.


The writer is president of the Maryland Radiological Society.

Gun Insanity

"Statistics show one in five kids now carries a gun or other dangerous weapon to high school." That fact, tucked away on XTC page 20 in Elizabeth Winship's column, April 16, should have been plastered all over the front page.

What kind of sick society have we become when our children have to fear for their very lives in school?

We call ourselves civilized, but we are the only advanced nation which allows the insanity of millions of loaded guns lying dangerously in wait throughout the land.

While the National Rifle Association self-righteously spouts that drivel, "Guns don't kill, people kill," the people who kill are out there doing so with guns, and the ordinary individual goes about his daily regimen in constant trepidation, knowing that any delinquent or drug addict or psychopath can lay his hands on this lethal weapon.

We have beautiful parks, but can't enjoy them; lovely boulevards, but can't stroll along them; stimulating cultural events, but fear to partake of them. We can't even feel secure in our own homes; the land of the free has become a garrison state of locks and bars and grills and suspicion.

The raison d'etre of government is first and foremost the protection of its citizens.

We need a stringent, effective, no-nonsense national gun controllaw, and we need it now.

In this election year, let us demand a president who will stop kowtowing to the NRA, and a Congress that will get off its collective butt and pass the legislation the American people desperately clamor for.

Rea Knisbacher


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