Guerrero, Worrell fight after game


April 19, 1992

Pedro Guerrero and Todd Worrell of the St. Louis Cardinals had a heated argument that led to punches after yesterday's loss to the Chicago Cubs.

The scuffle apparently started when Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa entered the St. Louis clubhouse to chat with Guerrero after the game. Worrell told Guerrero he didn't like it -- supporting the view of several teammates -- and the two started a shouting match that led to some punches and shoving.

* PIRATES: Barry Bonds, upset because he was hit with a pitch after homering, warned that Philadelphia Phillies reliever Mitch Williams "is going to end someone's career" unless he gains better control of his fastball.

Williams hit Bonds on the right elbow in the ninth inning of the Pittsburgh Pirates' 9-2 victory.

"If he throws that hard and hits somebody in the head, it's going to end someone's career," Bonds said. "He'd better start thinking about that before he gets his own [career] ended."

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