Avenge Cable Disservice

Readers write

April 19, 1992

From: Mark Simpson


In response to Marilyn Dlugos, whose letter appeared in the April5 issue of The Howard County Sun, I would like to say that you are not alone.

I and many of my friends are also very upset with the lousy treatment and abuse that Howard Cable Television shovels out as "service." Despite repeated phone calls and returning their silly little post cards, we continue to go without the cable magazine.

Ms. Dlugos, you should consider yourself lucky to receive the magazine by the middle of the month. I cannot understand how HCTV can raise prices and reduce service in the same month.

I applaud your conviction for canceling your cable, Ms. Dlugos. My family will be relocating within Howard County very soon and we will not have cable installed at our new residence. However, I can sympathize with those who may find going without cable to be too great a sacrifice.

I would like to suggest the following means of protesting the lack of service which I had taken. Whenever a magazine is not delivered, simply deduct the $1.50 price from your next bill.

Beware that the sneaky little devils will add the difference to your next bill; continue to refuse to pay for something that was never received. This procedure can also be used for excessively lengthy signal outages and other cases where HCTVfails to provide reasonable service. To use an overworked cliche, the only language HCTV understands is green.

If all HCTV subscriberswill stand up to the malevolent monopoly and demand reasonable service (and only pay for services rendered), perhaps someone will listen.

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