The List

April 19, 1992

The following list was compiled from police reports, school officials, parents and the Coalition Opposed to Violence and Extremism (COVE). There are no records of race incidents at the schools before 1989.


Jan. 23 -- Parent complains to Board of Education that her son was punched and subjected to racial slurs at West Friendship ElementarySchool.

March 9 -- "KKK" is spray-painted on Thunder Hill Elementary School.

Feb. 28 -- Hate-bias literature from the Louisiana-based United American Front is sent to Owen Brown Middle and Wilde Lake Middle schools.

April 4 -- "KKK" is spray-painted on the Atholton High School home dugout.

April 10 to 12 -- Racial slurs are spray-painted on Hammond High School.


April 26 -- Juveniles spray-paint racial epithets at Glenelg High School. Two students are suspended for remainder of the school year.

May 29 -- Unknown student writes "Altman is Jew" on desk at Glenwood Middle School, directed ata specific student.

June 4 -- Group of black male students at Oakland Mills High School assaults a white student after hearing that the student said "I hate niggers."

Aug. 18 -- A swastika and a pentagram are spray-painted on the side of Hammond High School.

Oct. 30-- White male student makes racial remarks to a black Hammond High teacher who was investigating vandalism at the school.

Dec. 6 -- White male student on school bus sprays disinfectant on a black female at Glenwood Middle School. Student was suspended from riding bus for two weeks.


Jan. 31 -- Black and white Oakland Mills High School students exchange slurs in an argument that begins at school and continues at the village center.

Oct. 29 -- A portable classroomat Laurel Woods Elementary is broken into and "KKK" is spray-paintedon a wall.

Dec. 16 -- A swastika is spray-painted on Hammond HighSchool wall.

Week of Dec. 9 -- Students report that a group of desks in a German language class at Hammond High School was arranged inthe shape of a swastika.


Fall -- Asian student at Wilde Lake High School complains to the Coalition Opposed to Violence and Extremism that a teacher made anti-Asian slurs during class.

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