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April 19, 1992

From: Judy Harris

Severna Park

I am so tired of hearing about "national searches" to find qualified leaders to fill such positions as superintendent of schools, director of Parks and Recreation, etc.

When these organizations hire personnel, it should be with an eye on grooming employees to rise within the ranks, some eventually to the top position.

If these seconds and thirds in command are not seen to have these capabilities, theyshould not be hired in the first place. Spare the taxpayers the expense and time involved in these "national searches" when there should be qualified personnel within each organization ready to take charge.


From: Jim Tulley, president,

and the LakeShore Youth Baseball Board of Directors

I am writing to express our disappointment and confusion with the letter of concern from a Ms.Nancy Allred of Pasadena over our annual Opening Day parade. To givea little understanding to Ms. Allred, we offer this.

Ms. Allred'smisunderstands (the purpose) for which the parade is held once a year: We do not hold the parade to "promote LSYB."

LSYB promotes itself by word of mouth from satisfied parents of our past and present program that we offer the children of Pasadena. This parade is for the children, to give them something special to remember and tell their children.

As far back as I can remember, sports programs always started with a parade. It makes the children feel very, very special at least one time a year.

Our concern at LSYB is that the children get the best program that can be offered. The children are No. 1. We will not take this special day from them.

As far as Ms. Allred's late arrival at her appointment, we are sorry for her. But a little advanced planning would have assured that she arrived on time.

We advertised the parade weeks in advance in the Maryland Gazette, Anne Arundel County Sun and on the board in front of Lake Shore Elementary School.

We stated the time from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. This is half an hour, 30 minutes.

Knowing this weeks in advance, it would seem thatone would have left home a little earlier or a little later than usual depending upon the appointment time, to let the children have their 30-minute parade once a year.

As for "capturing" Ms. Allred, we don't want to capture anyone. But the numerous adults and children that witnessed the parade loved every minute of it. We are still receiving compliments and thanks for what had been given the kids that day.

Among the satisfied spectators were county, state, federal and local officials and representatives, Miss Maryland of 1992 (our specialguest), MIX 106 Radio, not to mention all the proud parents and youth-concerned people of Pasadena and all the local businesses that sponsored the event, which there are too many to name here.

I am sorryfor the anger Ms. Allred holds toward the youth-oriented half hour and the people mentioned above. But we will continue to apply for allowance to use Mountain Road for 30 minutes once a year to show the youth of our community that they are indeed special and to honor them.

We do understand that Ms. Allred is entitled to her opinion and we respect that, but in the same breath we are dedicated to provide a service to the youth and hope that our efforts will help to bring up responsible adults and keep them off the street corners away from drugsand crime.


From: Bob Topp

Athletic Director

Annapolis Area Christian School

I commend Pat O'Malley for Sunday's editorial on the problem with athletic directors, as seen in the resignation of Kevin McMullen at Broadneck, and I sympathize with him, with his predecessor and brother Tim McMullen, and all other county athletic directors in their plight.

I, as a private school athletic director, supervise 13 teams all school year. However, public schools have almost that many to supervise in one season.

I have two athletic director periods per day for that load, and those periods are usually quite full.

Public school athletic directors have far less, as Mr. O'Malley has indicated.

This is something that must change. I don't believe that money is the primary issue. Time is.

To maintain balance with one's health, family and other school responsibilities, the athletic directors in this county must have more office periods in their day.

This should be the first priority of Paul Rusko's successor.


From: Lawrence Foster

Fort Meade

In regard to the column in the Sunday Anne Arundel County Sun ("Is she really as bad as Bonnie and Clyde?"), it's nice to see that (Anne Arundel County Police Chief Robert P.) Russell and Sheriff (Robert) Pepersack have learned something from the FBI.

That is, at budget time, statistics are what counts, and arrests and cases closed all matter. By arresting a woman who bounced checks four years ago -- even if she made them good -- that's an arrest and a case closed, which is just as good in the statistics as arresting and convicting a rapist, and a whole lot easier.

It's also nice to know that they've cleaned up crime so much in Anne Arundel County that they don't have anything to do except trick tourists into soliciting their officers as prostitutes or chasing down little, old grandmothers who bounce checks.

We're really happy to know that that's the most serious crime in Anne Arundel County, and we appreciate the wonderful job that they've done.


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