Road Upgrade Considered

Carroll Capsule

April 19, 1992

MOUNT AIRY — Residents of Georgia Avenue in Gamber have petitioned the county to assume responsibility for maintenance of the small private road off Route 32.

The commissioners will have another hearing to announce the estimated cost for bringing the deteriorating road up to county standards. The road has six residences.

Under county ordinance, residents must pay 75 percent of the costfor upgrading the road, while the county contributes 25 percent. Thecounty will maintain it once it is adopted into the roads system.


MOUNT AIRY -- The town's Planning and Zoning Commission will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Town Hall to discuss the town master plan.

The commission has been reviewing and revising the plan -- a 10-year blueprint for handling growth -- for more than a year. By June 1, it must have a plan ready to present to the public.

One of the group's goals is to preserve the pleasant quality of life in the historic town while allowing it to grow.

Revisions may include a change in zoning and land-use strategies, town planner Teresa Bamberger said.



TheCarroll County Forest Conservancy District Board encourages residents to register large, historically significant or unusually shaped trees in the Landmark Tree Contest.

Registration forms are available at the following locations:

* Carroll County Office Building lobby.

* Carroll County Office of Environmental Services, Room 202 of the County Office Building.

* Department of Natural Resources Project Forester's Office, Winchester Exchange Building.

* All Carroll County public library branches.

* All Carroll County municipal offices.

Registration forms should be returned to the Carroll County Forest Conservancy District Board, 15 E. Main St., Room 229A, Westminster, 21157.

Information: 857-8123.


HAMPSTEAD -- A proposed budget of $660,235 will be presented to the Town Council at its meeting at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in the Town Hall, 1034 S. Carroll St.

The council is scheduled to approve a budget at its Maymeeting. The current proposal would result in a tax rate of 53 centsper $100 assessed valuation, lower than this year's rate of 58 cents.

Also Monday, Grace Zepp and Ethel Watkins, owners of 4.35 acres on Upper Beckleysville Road, will petition the council to annex that land.

The land is zoned for residential development. The council is expected to refer the matter to the Planning and Zoning Commission before taking any action.



The job of straightening the bend in Salem Bottom Road near Winfield Elementary School will have to wait for another summer, because money for the project hasn't been transferred in time, said Vernon Smith, director of school support services.

At a meeting of the School Construction Committee Wednesday, Smith and Lester Surber, supervisor of school facilities and planning, told county officials that the project to expand Winfield has run short of money, and the improvements planned for the road will have to be delayed.

Money is available for the project, Smith said, because bids on the Runnymede Elementary School project have come in about $1 million lower than expected.

But he said the commissioners deferred the Board of Education's request that the surplus money from Runnymede be transferred to cover the improvement of Salem Bottom, as well as $700,000 to remove an unforeseen piece of rock at the site of the new Friendship Valley Elementary School.

Smith said he expects the transfer to be approved eventually. But Surber said the school system can't have the road designed and built by the time school starts in September.

J. Michael Evans, director of the Department of General Services, said he wants thecounty's permits and inspections staff to visit the site to make sure it is safe and accessible without the road improvements.

Surber said the conditions of the road are the way they always have been forthe school, but Evans said he wants staff to take into account the increased number of classrooms and students.


A group representing the Westminster Church of God has asked the county to consider buying a piece of its property and fixing a dangerous curve on Lucabaugh Mill Road.

The Department of Public Works receivedpermission from the commissioners Thursday to appraise the land. Lucabaugh Mill Road is a county road.

Public Works Director Keith Kirschnick also discussed improvement plans for John Pickett Road near Woodbine. The road has been on the county's capital program for about six years, but the project has been deferred because of budget constraints, said Kirschnick.


The county is planning a seminar to discuss the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) storm water regulations for May 29 at Carroll Community College.

NPDES is a federal storm water management program intended to curtail pollution resulting from runoff from development, business and industrial sites.

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