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April 19, 1992

From: Kathy Carmello


To: Dr. Ray Keech and members of the Board of Education

I am amother with three children attending schools at both Ring Factory Elementary and Bel Air Middle School. I have volunteered in many capacities in both schools, and have also witnessed what I feel are wrongful complaints from parents.

I have silently sat back and only recently became angry enough to develop the courage to write this letter.

Recently my child viewed an educational film on "Good Touch -- BadTouch." A notice was sent home to parents in advance.

I personally want to say, "Thank you, Harford County." In today's society, with so many children contracting AIDS, being subjected to abuse and "good-touch -- bad-touch" situations, as well as being afraid to tell their parents or someone who can help because they are threatened. Children literally disappear from their front yards and most of the time are never seen again. It's about time parents woke up and realized, that, yes, this can happen to us.

I have been involved in school for 15 years. I have only lived in Harford County for approximately two years, but it amazes me that the parents here are so quick to complainto the school board.

Yes, we do pay taxes and it is our right to have this open communication, but there are so many issues that need attention, that if the parents would only realize that we are a community and if we worked together and supported each other, we could have the best school system in the nation.

I would like to go on record as saying, "Thank you," to educators I have a great deal of respect for -- the county Board of Education; Steve Hagenbuch, principal atRing Factory Elementary School; Ellen Tracy, assistant principal at Ring Factory; Matthew Plevayk, principal at Bel Air Middle School; Marilyn McBride and Bill Elkin, assistant principals at Bel Air Middle;teachers and staff.

The doors at these schools are always open toparents and teachers are always available to discuss concerns and answer questions. Sometimes I think it is difficult to realize that oureducators are also parents and have homes to maintain and have livesseparate from school. Yet, I see these same people who teach our children daily, help with fund-raisers, sponsor the Student Service Organization at the middle school, plan time for enrichment programs -- the list is endless.

I know that you at the Board of Education musthave put a lot of time and effort in choosing the faculty for our schools.

As for the parents, it would be nice in today's economy crisis -- with the need to add to existing schools, the need to build new schools and the budget being a concern -- to unite and stop to think where help is needed.

Support our PTAs whenever possible, get involved with fund-raisers, do playground or cafeteria duty, help with the computer programs, the art program, be a room-mother, help in thelibrary or medical suite; the list is endless. If each parent could volunteer one day a year at school and become involved, maybe they could understand just how much community support would benefit our children.

Harford County is growing at a much more rapid rate than ourtax dollars allow. And, I am aware that only a small amount of our tax dollars go into the schools for educating our children.

I wouldlike to end this letter by saying thank you again for taking time toread about my concerns and also thank you for the teachers and staffwho care enough to teach my children not only the basics, but also that our children are important people by trying to teach them right from wrong.


From: Frank W. Soltis


Many of us are blaming Sen. William H. Amoss, Dels. Rosemary Hatem Bonsack, Mary Louise Preis, and Donald Fry for the problems we face and the increase in taxes.

This is absolutely wrong. You cannotblame politicians. You might blame them for not acting like statesman, but 99 percent of the blame rests with each of us.

We elected these mental midgets and they are doing exactly what we send them to Annapolis to do -- namely, to use the power of their office to take that which belongs to another citizen and then bring it back to us.

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