From The Sun April 19-25, 1842APRIL 19: The steamboats in...


April 19, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 19-25, 1842

APRIL 19: The steamboats in the Delaware carried their flags at half-mast on Saturday and Sunday as a token of mourning on account of the late disaster in this city.

APRIL 21: There is a vast amount of cant afloat about these days on the subject of law and order. In fact, if some editors are to be believed, one would suppose that there are no friends of law and order in the country.

APRIL 22: Hon. Henry Clay -- This distinguished gentleman, and late Senator, arrived in this city last evening from Washington and took lodgings at Barnum's City Hotel.

From The Sun April 19-25, 1892

APRIL 19: Joseph S. Davis, the colored lawyer, wrote to the Mayor expressing his belief that the Mayor will be one of Maryland's World's Fair commissioners. The writer hoped that the colored people will not be overlooked, although there may be no provision for a separate exhibit of their work.

APRIL 23: Measles and mumps are prevalent in North-west Baltimore.

From The Sun April 19-25, 1942

APRIL 21: Baltimore was short some 120 doctors, dentists and approximately 120 nurses last night, after an evening-long evacuation from the Pennsylvania Station. The Johns Hopkins Hospital and University Hospital army medical units, known as "General Hospitals," said farewell to Baltimore.

APRIL 22: Two American-born Japanese were arrested yesterday afternoon at Reisterstown. One of them was fined for driving an automobile on expired California license plates.

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