Joe's O.K. to face unbeaten Revelstoke Grand National Point-to-Point today

April 18, 1992|By Ross Peddicord | Ross Peddicord,Staff Writer

Joe's O.K., reunited with his regular jockey, Johnny Bosley, faces undefeated Revelstoke today in the 90th running of the Grand National Point-to-Point at Butler.

Last year Sanna Neilson won the Virginia Gold Cup with Joe's O.K. after Bosley was injured in a spill at the Marlborough Hunt Races. The horse, who was 1990 Timber Horse of the Year under Bosley, makes his first start in the Grand National for trainer Alicia Murphy and owner Oliver Keelan.

Revelstoke has been raced sparingly over a three-year period, but has won four timber races -- at Cheshire (Pa.), My Lady's Manor Point-to-Point and the Elkridge-Harford Point-to-Point twice. He tuned up for his start today with a victory at Elkridge-Harford two weeks ago. He is trained and ridden by Jack Fisher, who has dominated the timber circuit so far this year.

Set to face the top pair is 17-year-old Jason Griswold, a junior at Gilman School. He rides Local Kid, the Grand National winner in 1987 and 1988.

Post time for the first race is 3:15 p.m. Admission can be purchased at the course at $30 per car.

The entries:

1st -- $15,000; Grand National Point-To-Point (3 m. Timber)

1. Local Kid (J. Griswold)

2. Uncle Merlin (L. Neilson 3d)

3. Joe's O.K.(J. Bosley)

4. Tot Elah (M. Traurig)

5. J.R. Polynesian (W. Meister)

6. Revelstoke (J. Fisher)

7. No Triskadekafobia (J. Meister)

8. Capital K. (J. Gillet)

2nd -- $10,000; Benjamin H. Murray Memorial (3 m. Timber)

1. Primalaga (P. DeMichele)

2. Boom Town Bob (M. Elmore)

3. Florida Law (R. Driver)

4. Cotuit (L. McKnight)

5. Sea Speed (W. Meister)

6. Body Music (C. Fenwick Jr.)

7. Pacific Parley (J. Gillet)

8. Snow Maker (J.W. Delozier)

9. No Triskadekafobia (J. Meister)

10. Paddy's Run (J. Bosley)

11. Fiddler's Inn (E. Juvonen)

3rd -- $1,000; John K. Shaw Memorial (2 m. Flat)

1. Riposto (C. Fenwick Jr.)

2. Skorpius (J. Gillet)

3. Lots Of Talk (M. Traurig)

4. Woody Boy Would (J. Fisher)

5. Butt Jesse (J. Gillet)

6. Make Azilian (L. Delp)

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