Straight from the market, colored eggs to 'dye' for

April 18, 1992|By Mary Maushard | Mary Maushard,Staff Writer

Dying for some colored eggs? But not dying to dye them?

You're in luck.

A Pennsylvania egg producer is helping out the Easter Bunny by cooking and coloring eggs, and delivering them to grocery stores and markets for those who want tradition without trouble.

R. W. Sauder Co. of Lititz, Pa., has prepared more than 250,000 ready-to-eat Easter eggs in six colors and is distributing them in the Baltimore area for the first time this season.

"It's kind of a novelty," says Bill Murray, the product development manager for R. W. Sauder, which has produced the eggs for the last two Easters. Mr. Murray says the eggs are likely to appeal "to the single person or grandparent who wants to decorate without the mess."

A dozen of the colorful eggs -- two each of purple, red, green, orange, yellow and blue -- sells for $2.25 to $2.50 a dozen. They are packed in a clear plastic egg carton with Easter grass included.

"They're great if you suddenly discover you need hard-cooked eggs," adds Doug Statler, president of the Maryland Egg Council.

The eggs are cooked and then coated with an FDA-approved substance that seals the shell and colors it at the same time, he says. They have a refrigerator shelf life of about eight weeks, but Mr. Murray advises eating them within two weeks after Easter. "They don't spoil -- unless cracked -- but they do dry out," he cautions.

The Sauder Co. owns Steger's Maryland Fresh Eggs of Hampstead, which is distributing the eggs locally. They are available at Weis Markets, Graul's, Farm Fresh and Big B stores and poultry outlets in the Broadway and Northeast markets.

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