Splashing Pump Prompts Lawsuit

April 17, 1992

A woman who says she was injured by an unruly gasoline pump is suinga Pasadena service station.

Patricia Holiday's problems began when she attempted to pump her own gas on April 18, 1989, at Phil's Shell Food Mart Inc., at 3900 Mountain Road.

Holiday removed the nozzle from a pump and "without warning," before she squeezed the handle, gasoline gushed onto her head, face, mouth and hands, according to a suit filed yesterday in county Circuit Court.

Holiday, of the 200 block Beechwood Road in Pasadena, is charging the owners of the gas station with negligence for failing to warn her of "dangerous conditions." She is seeking $300,000 compensation for lost wages and medical expenses connected with mental anguish and unspecified physical injuries.

Station owner Phillip Jachelski said he recalled a woman getting gasoline on herself three years ago,but "there was nothing negligent on our part. . . . There was nothing wrong with the pump.

"All I did was turn (the complaint) over tothe insurance company," he said.

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