Haydens agree to end their marriage

April 17, 1992

Baltimore County Executive Roger B. Hayden and his wife, Nancy, have reached a settlement on ending their marriage of nearly six years and she has withdrawn her divorce suit against him.

John F. Eckhart, attorney for the executive, yesterday refused to disclose the terms of the agreement, confining all comment to a one-paragraph statement which said the Haydens "have reached a mutual agreement on the issues surrounding the dissolution of their marriage. The couple remain separated and will pursue an amicable divorce."

The notice of dismissal was filed in county Circuit Court by Richard J. Reinhardt, Mrs. Hayden's attorney. "We're very satisfied," he said.

Mrs. Hayden filed suit for divorce in March, charging physical and mental cruelty and adultery.

The Haydens have been separated since May 20, the suit said.

Mr. Reinhardt said the divorce cannot become final under Maryland law until the couple have been separated for at least one year.

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