Police Turn Out In Force For Drug Awareness Program


April 16, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

They came from the Eastern Shore, Washington, Fort Ritchie in Pennsylvania and most of the counties in Maryland.

They represented sheriff's departments, U.S. Capitol Police, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the FBI, Maryland state troopers and toll facilities police.

"We have 250 police officers bowling here today," said Joey Garafona, manager of Bowl America Odenton. "The lane conditions better be good for this tournament."

The law enforcement personnel came fromfar and wide Monday for the third annual Anne Arundel County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 70 Bowling Tournament.

They were there for one purpose -- to raise money for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or the DARE program, which has the slogan "Teaching kids to nevertake drugs."

Bill Daywalt, a DARE officer with the Anne Arundel County Police Department, has been a bowler for a long time, and it was natural for him to think of a bowling tournament to raise money forthe program. He has devoted a great deal of time and effort to see that the tournament is a success.

The tournament has grown each of its three years, with 50 teams taking part this year.

"Most of these officers here today are casual bowlers," said Garafona. "The bottom line is that they are here simply to support the DARE program, but there's a lot of friendly competition, and, of course, camaraderie."

And a lot of sponsors. More than 50 businesses contributed money and prizes to make this tournament as profitable as possible for the DARE program. That's more than 50 businesses returning something to the community.

"It was fantastic," Daywalt said. "All I had to do was just ask the business people to help, and they did. It was that simple, just ask."

This year the Montgomery County Police Department dropped a total of 3,194 pins to win the team event. In second place with 3,120 was the Hill Blues team of the U.S. Capitol Police.

Individual scoring leaders among the men and women were from the first- and second-place teams.

The men's winner, Jim Vaught of Gaithersburg, retired as a lieutenant from the Montgomery County Police Department. He carries a 158 average in the Thursday Night Commercial Leagueat Shady Grove Lanes.

"I was using a new Brunswick bowling ball that my son gave me for Christmas," he said. "Worked pretty good."

It worked well enough for Vaught to throw a 248 game for the high men's score, and it was good enough to win another new bowling ball. Walt Cervenka's Pro Shop donated a Track Shark bowling ball to be given to the winner of the men's event.

Shelley Plummer, a Clinton resident bowling with the Hill Blues team, rolled a 223 game in the tournament, good for first place in the women's division.

She is a member of the U.S. Capitol Police, which provides protection for the Houseof Representatives and the Senate.

Plummer is married to Jeffrey Plummer, a Marine, and bowls in the Tuesday Congressional Club Leagueat Bolling Air Force Base. Her average is 150, with a high game of 245 and a high set of 642.

"Bowling is fun for the whole family," said Plummer, who has been bowling since she was 7 years old.

"We have a great bowling team," she said. "Sgt. Elton Mobbs had the high handicap series with a 711, and Pfc. Rich Harrell shot a 300 game lastyear."

The other two members of that team were Jean Mobbs, Elton's wife, and Pfc. Rich Pulliam.


Daywalt isn't just a great organizer. He's a pretty fair tenpin bowler, carrying a 200-plus average. And he knows how to pick a great bowling partner.

Last month he picked his brother, Frank, a 183-average bowler, to be his partner inthe Greater Baltimore Bowling Association's 40th annual ChampionshipTournament at Bowl America Glen Burnie.

Good choice.

Frank, a salesman for the Kaydon Ring and Seal Inc., bowls in the Pioneer League at Bowl America Glen Burnie and lives in Brooklyn Park. He picked the tournament to throw his career-high series, a 681, that contributed to a total pin fall of 1,466 and the first-place prize of $1,250 in the doubles division.


* Greenway Glen Burnie

Pin and Ball Wizards 3/25

Kevin Lear 157/432

Eric Fleishman 164/406

Cathy Krauss 163/414

Sharon Lear 181/403

Jack Schuster 160/409

Tom Davis 166/387

Tom Hudson 157/394

Pin and Ball Wizards 4/1

George Feeley 157/385

Kevin Lear 140/409

Carol Schuster 152/366

Bob Thompson 146/390

Larry Meyer 143/406

Hits and Misses 3/18

Dawn Ward 152/359

Priscilla Saffman 127/337

JudyLeone 118 game

Vera Decoursey 122/337

Mary Hodge 113

Carolyn Cross 113

Marie Zeffiro 115

Bessie Darrell 110

Elenor Walter 115

Inez Seminiuk 135

Helen Carder 114

Hits and Misses 3/25

Joann Delandy 129/360

Bard Thompson 126

Judy Leone 126

Irene Chrzanowski 113

Carol Schuster 134/336

Carol Thorn 115

Priscilla Saffron 110

Treena Markowski 125

Audrey Hidge 125

Judy Leone 126

Vera Decoursey 120/332

Jenny Luhman 121

Gerry Falls 117

Mary Reinhardt 126

Bessie Darrell 114

Connie Becker 118

Judy Sommers 118

Monday Morning Ladies

Dottie Rich 388

Joyce Scheibe 142/368

Sharon Lear 381

Marge Sizemore 135/364

Carol Miller 150/386

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Michele Scheper 174/382

Mary Bavis 130/358

Shirley Robinson 124/358

Beverly Dunaway 139/374

Nellie Bentz 136/371

Kathy Leonard 140/368

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in TheAnne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Don a call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.

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