Every day and do what you're supposed to...


April 16, 1992

YOU GO TO WORK every day and do what you're supposed to do," thinking it will pay off some day, Baltimore County assistant state's attorney Frank Meyer Jr. was saying, "and then this fluke comes along." And, you win $10,000, he could have gone to say.

Mr. Meyer's family didn't hit the lottery. Rather, they recently copped first prize on the popular TV show, "America's Funniest Home Videos," with a tape of 2-year-old Hank Meyer, Frank's son, depantsing his 11-year-old cousin while she practiced a Christmas song for the family.

It seems Erin Meyer, 11, a student at Pine Grove Middle School, was practicing a song from her holiday pageant for the family last November. Little Hank toddled over and pulled down her pants. Hank cracked up. Erin looked shocked. And Frank Meyer caught it all on tape. Someone suggested they send the tape to Hollywood. Frank's wife, Debbie, did what few other people do in that situation: She followed through.

Months later, the show's producers called, seeking more information from the Meyers and signatures on releases. They even needed to track down who wrote and held rights to the song Erin sang to get a release from them.

The show flew Frank, Debbie, Hank and Erin to California last month. Lo and behold, their tape took first place for reasons Frank Meyer can't entirely fathom. Out of 3,000 to 4,000 tapes the show reviews weekly, the Meyers' was one of the top three chosen.

The extended family will split the winnings, after taxes. And if little Hank was ever admonished for yanking down his cousin's pants, surely all is forgiven.

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