Board Approves Kennel

April 15, 1992

WESTMINSTER — The Carroll County Board of Zoning Appeals has authorized a conditional use for a kennel for not more than 10 dogs in the 1200 block of Hughes Shop Road.

Dennis Ray Britton made the request to keep his Siberian huskies and Rottweilers, which he and his wife raise for show. The kennels will be kept on a 3.1-acre lot that has four shelters with exercise pens for the dogs.

At a March 24 hearing, several neighbors opposed the kennel because of noise, odor and vehicular traffic, as well as the threat to residents if the dogs got loose.

A petition from nearby property owners opposing the kennel also was presented to the board.

In reviewing testimony, the board found the Brittons to be responsible individuals who care for the animals.

A visit to the site showed no evidence that the dogs could escape from their shelters or would become vicious.

The board approved the kennel on the condition that not morethan six dogs be allowed, not more than one litter a year shall be maintained, no commercial dog care be conducted and no identification sign be erected.

Additionally, the shelter and exercise pen in thesoutheasterly corner of the property shall not be used or be moved to comply with minimum distance requirements.

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