Trial Testimony Begins

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April 15, 1992

WESTMINSTER — Testimony will continue tomorrow in the medical malpractice trial begun Monday in Circuit Court.

McCay Vernon, of Ridge Road, has sueda Washington Heights Medical Center doctor and Carroll Imaging Associates, claiming they failed to properly diagnose a tumor that caused his wife's death in 1988.

The trial is the second in the case against Dr. Niel J. Borelli. A jury in 1990 found in favor of Borelli, but the Court of Special Appeals last year allowed for retrial, saying instructions to jurors were prejudicial against Vernon.

Experts testifying yesterday on behalf of Vernon said that Borelli should have discovered a stomach tumor in Edith Vernon when he conducted several tests after she complained of bleeding, severe stomach pain and cramping in 1986.

Borelli found nothing abnormal as a result of those tests.

Two years later,Edith Vernon complained of the same symptoms, as well as a 10-pound weight loss, loss of appetite and further bleeding. A second battery of similar tests revealed a malignant tumor that extended along the walls of her stomach.

As a result of those tests, she underwent surgery in which her stomach, spleen and pancreas were removed. She diedin October 1988.

McCay Vernon is suing for unspecified expenses that would "adequately and fairly compensate" him and his wife's estate.

The plaintiff's case is expected to last for most of this week,and the trial is expected to continue into next week. It is being heard in the Old Courthouse by Howard County Circuit Judge Cornelius F.Sybert and a Carroll County jury.


WESTMINSTER --The State's Attorney's Office reported that from July 1991 to the end of February, collection of court-ordered child support payments have increased more than 20 percent over the same period a year earlier.

The Carroll County Bureau of Support Enforcement has collected $2.24 million during the period.

Carroll's 20 percent increase is the third highest in Maryland.

Overall, collections statewide were up 5 percent during the period.

Carroll ranks first among Maryland's 24 jurisdictions in the percentage increase in collections of support owed to people in the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program. That increase was more than 30 percent in the last eight months.

The State's Attorney's Office credits a team approach with the Bureau of Support Enforcement and the Carroll County Sheriff's Office.

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