Help Sought To Provide Easter Meals For Needy

April 15, 1992

County homeless activist Linda Greenberg makes a monthly trip to Baltimore to feed street people.

For Easter, she would like to offer them an entire meal.

Known for her drive to help the needy, Greenberg says she wants to offer Easter dinners to people who are living in the streets, not those staying in shelters.

"This is for the true desperate people,"she says.

She needs several 8-foot tables, plastic cups and tableware, and napkins. She also could use donations of chili, lasagna, vegetables and sandwiches.

Financial donations also are welcome to buy the people socks and underwear, Greenberg says.

She plans to set up her meal around 2 p.m. on Sunday in Baltimore and hopes to feed between 150 and 200 people. She declined to state the location to avoid attracting curious onlookers.

"I've got a little bit (of donations) so far," says Greenberg. "I just thought for Easter it would be nice if we could do something really special."

Donations of Eastercandy also are welcome.

Those interested in helping in any way can call Greenberg at 841-6280.

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