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April 15, 1992

Parental guidance lacking

Upon entering a movie recently, my first thought was "I must be in the wrong theater." Looking around, I saw many children, seemingly ranging in ages four to eight.

The movie was definitely rated "R" and I just could not imagine how any parents would feel comfortable in a movie (with that rating) sitting beside their children.

Every day we read things that have happened to our children, in the news, on TV, in our schools. Can we blame the children? What about the management of these theaters? Is it the dollar signs versus the children?

Curse words are spoken in reverence, abuse, sex scenes, you name it, the children view it. Parent and child, sitting there, laughing, applauding and eating popcorn.

It's a sad tragedy! Parents wake up!

(The movie shown was "White Men Can't Jump.")

Peggy Chapman


Unfair sentence

The horrible, senseless multiple stabbing and murder of a beautiful young girl at her place of employment at 2 p.m. June 1, 1991 in the Towson Marketplace Shopping Center was unbelievably cruel.

No one will ever know the fear and suffering Gina Courtalis went through. In sentencing her murderer to life in prison, how could Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Dana M. Levitz make it possible for this killer to be eligible for parole in 25 years?

The prosecutor, Robin Doffin, has stated, "I respect Judge Levitz and his decision." I do not respect Judge Levitz. His flawed reasoning for not sentencing this murderer to life without parole because this 27-year old man "had no criminal record and is the father of three children" is absurd and despicable. I cannot think of a more compelling reason not to re-elect this sitting judge.

Walter Boyd


Delighted over daffodils

In the midst of all of the pandemonium about the raising of the local taxes, as I drive back and forth through Baltimore City to work, it is a real pleasure to see the groups of yellow flowers planted around the city parks.

Kudos to whoever planted these daffodils and may they continue to do more.

A. J. Bartolomeo

Baltimore Your recent editorials praising the new baseball stadium shows your utter loss of touch with reality. Is our esteemed governor paying you to write such nonsense?

Here we have a monument to ego, greed and waste, built at enormous taxpayer expense, that the vast majority of citizens did not want in the first place!

At a time when the schools in Baltimore cannot afford books or toilet paper for our children, and libraries are forced to close, we have been forced to have two serviceable stadiums for one team!

Yet your editorials praise the fact that this new, unneeded stadium cost us "only" a bit over $100 million. Imagine all the things desperately needed in this city and state that such money could have provided.

Where do you expect to draw future readership for your newspaper if schools can't teach and libraries don't exist? Even The Baltimore Sun should have more sense than to praise such a shameful misuse of public funds.

Carla Janson


Park problems

The new Oriole Park sure is beautiful. But I will never be able to appreciate it as long as there are homeless and hungry people walking the streets in Baltimore.

I could change my mind if some of the tax revenue goes toward rehabilitating homes for the poor and if some of those attending donate even one day's time to one of the many rehabbing projects in town.

Agnes McAvinue


Response on racism

I read with both interest and deep concern the letter from Dottye Burt-Markowitz (April 10) in which she asks that the editors refrain from showing racism in reporting on world violence.

From the knowledge I have of Yugoslavia, it is either predominately or all white, so what would be the purpose of stating that any fighting there was white vs. white?

However, in South Africa, where there is a mixture of black and white citizens, accurate reporting should indicate whether or not the fighting was one race against the other or between members of one race, black or white.

Unfortunately in this country, we have a deplorable amount of racism shown by bigots of all colors so it becomes imperative for harmony's sake not only to reject it in all its forms, but also not to look for it where it does not exist.

Audrey M. Helmcamp


Bush's secret recipe

Imagine if in 1964, President Johnson had immediately sent 500,000 troops to Vietnam on his own and started waging war before seeking Congressional or world approval.

Imagine also a campaign of press and TV censorship, flag waving, yellow ribbons and "Support Our Troops," insuring that the American people would have never known about dead napalmed children. And imagine that the American people would have never known about 3 million incinerated Vietnamese and hundreds of thousands orphaned and starving.

Finally, imagine that the war lasted only a year, followed by hysterical parades and patriotic speeches. Johnson and his generals would have been heroes.

George Bush learned well from Vietnam in applying the lessons on Panama and Iraq. Wage the war first, then sell the war to the American people and the United Nations -- and above all, don't mention its innocent victims.

Gerald Ben Shargel


Butt city

I am usually against any kind of tax increase, but when I see the thousands of cigarette butts along the edges of Maryland's traffic intersections I must change my mind.

It seems almost a crime that cigarette smokers get away with so much littering. In every metropolitan area in Maryland, you see the same thing: cigarette butts by the thousands littering the roadways at intersections. If you must smoke, don't litter! Three cheers for the cigarette tax increase!

Mark H. Seymour


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