"As right wing Dallas billionaires go, H. Ross Perot is...


April 14, 1992

"As right wing Dallas billionaires go, H. Ross Perot is the very best we have." So says Fort Worth Star Telegram columnist Molly Ivins. She says she once mistakenly wrote that he makes a million dollars a year. In fact he makes a million dollars a day, and he called her with the correction -- collect.

* * *

EARLY TO BED, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise -- but you miss David Letterman's Top Ten feature. Here is a recent one:

Top ten other shocking revelations about Bill Clinton:

10. Stormy 120-day marriage to Cher in 1975.

9. Invented Chipwich.

8. Was originally Billie Jean Clinton.

7. For years worked with paper bag on head as Unknown Comic.

6. While governor of Arkansas changed state motto to "Bite Me."

5. Despite intensive coaching by handlers, still refers to swimming pool as "ce-ment pond."

4. Real name: Tclinton.

3. In high school was voted most likely to win Democratic nomination and then go on to lose election in crushing defeat.

2. Wept at "Police Academy IV."

1. Uses steroids on his hair.

(From "Late Night with David Letterman" on NBC-TV.)

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