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April 13, 1992|By Julius Westheimer

Is your job hunt dragging too long? "If you haven't found a new position after many months," says National Business Employment Weekly, dated today, "you should revise your strategies." Excerpts: "A poor resume, sloppy correspondence, ineffective interview style, resistance to networking can hold you back. . . . Hiring managers may eliminate you if you criticize previous employers or refuse to discuss your joblessness. . . . Don't deal with political situations at your previous company; focus on your strengths and what you can do for this one. . . . Persist with your efforts and resist any urge to 'give up.' . . . You must talk to as many people as possible. It's a volume issue, with luck favoring the prepared."

CEO CORNER: Stuart Berney, co-owner with his wife of Deer Park Kennels, Owings Mills, shares his business success principles: "Principle Number 1 is that the customer is always right. Principle Number 2 is that if he or she isn't right, go back and re-read Principle Number 1. Principle Number 3 is that you must be forward-looking, using intuitive thinking. We bought this place in 1983 and expanded it promptly, knowing that Interstate 795, the Northwest Expressway, was coming through and that it would bring thousands of animal owners and their pets to this area. Our annual revenues soared tenfold in almost 10 years, now up to $300,000. Other principles: we never accept mediocrity, use only the finest food and sink every penny we have into improvement of the kennels."

MARYLAND MEMOS: Raymond Hartman Jr., director, Hubbard Funeral Home, on Wilkens Avenue, told me that the recession has not hurt his business. . . . A local stock broker reveals that the surge of corporate retirements -- some voluntary, some not -- has helped his commission volume because of many lump sum termination payments, IRA rollovers, etc. . . . Appealing sign I saw on the Eastern Shore: "We don't sell goods, we satisfy needs." . . . Unappealing response from a Little Italy restaurateur when a customer complained of slow service: "Why are you in such a hurry?" (He should read Principle Number 2 under CEO Corner above) . . . Maryland companies listed in Fortune (April 20) cover story, "The 500 Largest U.S. Industrial Corporations," ranked by dollar volume (sales rank in parentheses), are Martin Marietta (88), Black & Decker (109), Crown Central Petroleum (225), McCormick (269). . . . "16 percent of Maryland's population is medically uninsured." (Employee Benefit Research Institute.)

MID-MONTH NOTES: Your income tax returns must be postmarked by Wednesday midnight. If you need an extension, see your accountant, but you must pay up by April 15 anyway. . . . Speaking of taxes, a New York accountant told me that his upper Fifth Avenue client can't remember whether she did or didn't pay her $500,000 (no misprint) quarterly income tax installment last Jan. 15. . . . Want to start a new business? Call Harry B. Gorfine Co. (539-5474) for the firm's April Tax Report. ("Business form you choose is vitally important at the outset: sole proprietorship, partnership, S Corporation, etc.") . . . If you're thinking of hiring relatives, read Nation's Business, April. ("Family must meet same criteria as others; family should be supervised by non-family; compensation should be at 'fair market value.' "). . ."Peoples' main business concerns today are, in order, increasing sales, surviving, profitability, cutting costs. Two years ago, in order, increasing sales, profitability, keeping my work force happy, securing adequate capital or credit." (INC Faxpoll) . . . Remember that banks and stock exchanges will close for Good Friday.

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