Five-league Schedule Proves This Bowler's No Lemon


April 12, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

Brenda Lemon lives in Laurel and bowls in five -- that's right, five-- leagues each week.

Monday, it's the Ball and Chain league in Woodlawn; Tuesday, a mixed league in Fort Meade; Wednesday, the Bendixmixed in Columbia; Thursday, in Columbia again with the Hi-Flyers; and, Saturday, it's back to Woodlawn for another mixed league.

It was with the Hi-Flyers at Brunswick Columbia on March 12 that Brenda put together games of 201, 267 and 211 for a career-high series of 689. That 267 is her high game. Just 10 days later, the telecommunications installer married Gus Johnson. Knowing how serious Brenda is about her bowling, it didn't seem wise to ask her which event was the biggie.

Brenda started bowling about 12 years ago.


Thedoubles team known as "Donald Duck" -- consisting of Doug Donaldson and Dolores Duck -- shot a handicapped 685 set in the Valentine Days Scotch Doubles in Columbia to take the first prize.

"That's what is so great about bowling," Dolores said. "Everybody has a chance to win. And bowling is a great family sport."

Dolores, a Laurel resident, is married to Gilbert Duck, also a bowler, and carries a 125 average. The vice president of savings for the Laurel Federal Savings Bank, she has been bowling "a few years" and has a high career game of 213.

Donaldson, her partner in the Scotch doubles, said, "Our bowling styles worked just right for the Scotch doubles format. I'm right-handed and will often leave a tenpin standing, and Dolores is a southpaw with a backup ball, so it was easy for her to pick it up for the spare.

"And since she leaves a lot of seven pins, it was easy for me to pick them up. Worked out great."

Donaldson, a salesman for Eyetel Optics, carries a 154 average with a high game of 266 and high set of 594. He bowls in the Wednesday Rebel Rousers league in Columbia.


Duane Allen, secretary of the Rookies League at Normandy, wants everyone to know that the Rookies will have a summer league at Brunswick Normandy at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesdays, starting in early June.

Last month, several of the Winter Rookies threw some fine games:

Betty Ellis, a 178 average bowler, had a 670 series, with games of 236, 227 and 207.

Karen Sapp, had three games -- 172, 203 and 202 -- that exceeded her 169 average.

Sue Johnson threw games of 170, 213 and 172 for a 555 series.

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