Artist's lamp design inspired by art deco


April 12, 1992|By LINDA LOWE MORRIS

When Jonathan Carlson graduated from the Maryland Institute with a major in illustration and a focus on painting and drawing, he planned to spend his life working in two dimensions. But that third dimension keeps pulling him back.

Recently a design for a lamp based on art deco lines started assembling itself in his mind. "I tend to build things in my head before I actually build them for real," he says.

Since he'd been working with wood since childhood, he went back to his father's woodworking shop and built a limited edition series of his design out of bird's-eye maple and mahogany.

"I'm drawn to the '30s because things were made more solidly then," he says. "It seems like the art deco period was a time when people were genuinely inspired by industrialism."

Mr. Carlson, who also works as a freelance illustrator and portrait painter and has a job in the Center Stage prop shop, sells his lamps from his home. He can be reached at (410) 467-9172.

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