From The Sun April 12-18, 1842APRIL 13: Some impudent...


April 12, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 12-18, 1842

APRIL 13: Some impudent rogue or rogues stole from the premises of Mrs. Gregory, Albemarle Street near Fleet Street, a short time since, a large tub full of newly washed linen, which two women had carried into a yard to hang up to dry.

APRIL 18: Correction -- John Mitchell, reported on Saturday as dead, is yet alive and hopes are entertained of his recovery.

From The Sun April 12-18, 1892

APRIL 12: This afternoon the twelve greatest baseball clubs in the country will begin the battle for the championship of the national game. Thousands of lovers of Uncle Sam's particular sport will go out to the ball grounds if the weather is fair.

APRIL 13: The novel sight in Baltimore of judges attired in black silk gowns was seen yesterday when the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit convened in the United States District Court room.

From The Sun April 12-18, 1942

APRIL 12: In a fast closing home-stretch run yesterday, Last Appeal literally ran Charge Account into the ground to win the John Rush Streett Memorial Steeplechase at Monkton.

APRIL 13: Mrs. Bruce Cotten, who with the late Mrs. Henry Barton Jacobs, was the undisputed social arbiter of Baltimore's society for many years, died yesterday morning at her home Cylburn, on Green Spring Avenue.

APRIL 14: Once the home of such artists of the "two-a-day" as Nora Bayes, Lew Fields, Bert Williams and Nat Wills, the Maryland Theater may again become a center for big-time vaudeville.

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