INEditor: I was both shocked and...


April 12, 1992


Editor: I was both shocked and disappointed by the sketch that accompanied your (Feb. 23) article on fashion designer Nicole Miller. The female figures in the sketch were practically skeletons, more reminiscent of cadavers or anorexics than living, breathing, healthy women.

I hope that in the future you will be more conscious of the images of female "beauty" that you use in your features. Images send strong cultural messages. The message that the sketch sends (so aptly summarized by Ms. Miller's quotation) is that the models in the sketch look like they are hip and having fun, that their physical condition is both desirable and acceptable. It is neither. If being hip and having fun means looking like a concentration camp victim, I think we'd all be better off looking stuffy and dull.

Danielle Sweeney



Editor: This is a love letter to The Sun and Mr. Mark Bugnaski for "Passing the Legacy" [March 15]. This was a beautiful literary piece using Dunbar poetry. I have always been charmed by the name Poets for their team. The teams have brought national recognition to Mr. Dunbar's poetry by their record.

This article gives credit to the students and the school. It should be a great morale booster to the schools and the community.

I also especially enjoyed the "Portrait of the Artist as a Realist" by Patrick McGuire.

Lorraine Wright

Owings Mills

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