The blue bottle! Now that the Orioles have a...


April 11, 1992

BRING BACK the blue bottle! Now that the Orioles have a spanking new stadium at Camden Yards with a spectacular view of the city skyline, the return of the Blue Bottle should be an urgent urban priority.

Here's why. A centerpiece of that skyline is the Bromo-Seltzer Tower at Eutaw and Lombard Streets. Built in 1911 in the style of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy, it has long been one of the most distinctive buildings hereabout.

But something special has been missing since 1936. In that year, because of structural flaws, a huge, illuminated replica of the Bromo blue bottle atop the clock tower was removed and pounded into scrap.

What a pity! Imagine a 50-foot bottle, illuminated by 596 lights revolving at two revolutions per minute, lighting up the Baltimore sky. It would be a tremendous sight from the stands at Camden Yards. Four years ago developers contemplated bringing back the Blue Bottle. Now let's make that a reality.

THE NEWS DEPARTMENT distinquishes insiders from outsiders by title:Staff Writer is on the payroll,a Contributing Writer is a free-lance.

No roster of CWs exists,but it looks as if someone whose stuff has made it into print on the pages of The Baltimore Sun newspapers in the 1920s,1930s,1940s,1950s,1960s,1970s,1980s and now the 1990s would hold the long-distance championship.

Augusta Tucker is this champ,by virtue of book reviews,Sunday features,op-ed articles.

Back when a southern gentlewoman didn't write for hire,she used pseudonyms--Means Davis,Polly Prentiss.To give away one of her secrets:the initials M.D.had meaning,for a writer whose career climaxed with the famous novel of Johns Hopkins med student life "Miss Susie Slagle's."

Today,Augusta Tucker turns 88.

She will,of course,spend part of the day at her typewriter.

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