Couple hits big jackpot in Md. Lotto Hancock winners collect $8.5 million

April 11, 1992|By Bruce Reid | Bruce Reid,Staff Writer NLB

Richard A. Murray just won an $8.5 million jackpot in the Maryland Lotto. But you'd hardly know it.

"Everybody asked, 'How can you be so calm?' " the 69-year-old Hancock resident said yesterday at the Reisterstown Road headquarters of the Maryland Lottery Agency.

"I'm calm," his wife, 79-year-old Marianne, said.

Maybe the big payoff hadn't sunk in. Maybe it's because, as the couple said, they've worked hard and lived a full, good life. The jackpot is like icing on the cake, they said.

One of their two sons, Hagerstown resident Michael Murray, said, "They deserve it. . . . But they already have a good life."

The Murrays, faithful Lotto players, learned Thursday morning that they had won. The prize is an annuity of $425,000 for 20 years, before taxes.

"I've always dreamed of winning," Mr. Murray said. "Every time I walked the dogs, I said, 'Boy, I'd like to hit that Lotto.' "

Since they confirmed that they were holding the single winning ticket, purchased at a liquor store in Hancock, the Murrays' phone has been ringing constantly.

In Hancock, a town of about 3,000 residents in Western Maryland, news travels fast, they said.

As for the future, the Murrays said they plan to travel more. "I'll probably go to Mexico," Mr. Murray said.

He's not going to quit his part-time job as a janitor at a local bank, said Mr. Murray, who worked for more than 40 years as an aircraft mechanic and in related jobs.

They may install better locks on their doors, joked Mrs. Murray, who used to work in a bank in Hancock.

The Lotto jackpot had built up since the last winning combination was picked March 4.

The numbers the Murrays played were: 3-16-21-39-46-48. They were picked at random by a lottery agent ticket computer.

Sixty-eight second-prize winners matched five of six numbers and will receive $1,183 each. There were 4,563 third-prize winners who matched four numbers. They will receive $30 each.

Tonight's Lotto jackpot is worth $1 million.

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