Mcmullen Resigns As Bruins A.d.

Like Brother, He Says County Makes Job Harder

April 10, 1992|By Pat O'Malley | Pat O'Malley,Staff writer

Citing basically the same reasons that drove his older brother Tim out of the position, Kevin McMullen yesterday announced his resignation as athletic director at Broadneck High effective the end of this year.

Tim McMullen started the Bruins athletic program when the school opened in 1983, but voiced his disenchantment with the county's attitude toward athletic directors and resigned at the end of last year. Kevin took over and will complete a full year this June.

"I had been on the bubble (for possible administrative transfer from the school) the last three years and took the athletic director'sjob to kind of solidify my position here," said Kevin yesterday.

"I said then I would try it for one year and see how it went. But instead of making things better for athletic directors, the county continues to make things more difficult."

McMullen was referring to thefact that county athletic directors are given only one planning period a day to perform a full-time job. He teaches four classes a day.

"I'm expected to do a comparable job to what the other schools our size are doing, and that's difficult when you only have one period todo the job," he said.

"This spring, for instance, we've had a lotof bad weather, and I don't have the luxury of being able to sit behind a desk for a couple of hours to call everybody you have to call to postpone games."

During the budget crisis this year, the county took away funding for the athletic director's aide and no longer allows five per-diem days during the summer to prepare for the next school year.

"They won't pay us to come in and prepare for the opening of school, and that makes things even more difficult," said McMullen.

Seven of the county's 12 athletic directors are athletic department chairmen, which allows them a second free period. And if a school has an athletic staff of seven or more, the athletic director/department chairman gets a third free period.

"Certain people around the county at certain schools only teach two classes a day, which allows them to effectively perform their duties as A.D.," said McMullen.

"Don't get me wrong, I don't resent them, but I don't appreciate the way the county doesn't give the rest of us who are not department chairmen any consideration Please see BRUINS, Page 19BRUINSContinued from Page 16and more time to do the job the right way."

McMullen saidhe discussed the time and stress involved in the job with his wife, Linda, and decided that with three young children -- Esther, 7, Sara,5, and Patrick, 18 months -- he should relinquish the athletic director's position.

"I told (Principal Lawrence) Knight on Monday and my staff today that I would finish the year and will be around to help the new person in the job," said McMullen, who will remain as boys soccer coach.

"I have no idea who will take the job, because the county makes it so tough to want it."

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