Aquarium's dolphin calf doing better

April 10, 1992

The bottlenose dolphin calf born March 26 appears to be gaining weight again after returning to a more normal nursing pattern, mammalogists at the National Aquarium in Baltimore said today.

Last week, officials were concerned because the calf was losing weight and didn't appear to be getting the nourishment it needed.

"We're still concerned about the calf," said Nedra Hecker, senior mammalogist. "But we're feeling better about it."

She said the staff had stopped its 24-hour watch of the calf and now keeps an 8 a.m.-to-6 p.m. watch.

The calf, born to a dolphin called Hailey, has been playing more and has started to shed its baby skin, which wouldn't occur if the animal were still weak, Mrs. Hecker said.

Hailey's calf was the second dolphin born at the Aquarium last month. Another calf was born March 7, and it has fared well.

The Aquarium had suspended its dolphin shows while Hailey's calf was doing poorly. Now that the 2-week-old calf is improving, the shows have resumed.

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