Phrases in news pages show racismI have never seen a...

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April 10, 1992

Phrases in news pages show racism

I have never seen a headline in The Evening Sun about "white on white" violence in Yugoslavia or Georgia or any other countries where ethnic conflicts have broken out in recent months. Yet once again, your editors chose on April 4 to use the racist phrase "black vs. black fighting" in referring to incidents of intergroup violence in South Africa.

Please, in a city that is predominantly African American, have the decency to stop this blatantly racist use of language. As a white activist against bigotry and violence of all forms, I am ashamed to pick up my city's newspaper and see the psychic hurt it perpetrates on its citizens.

Dottye Burt-Markowitz


Happy at home

I am a full-time homemaker who does not take offense at TTC Hillary Clinton's "cookies and tea" remark. I know it was made under stress and taken somewhat out of context.

Women should be what they want to be, and I am grateful for the Hillary Clintons of this world who dedicate long hours to tough jobs and professions.

I am not old-fashioned, either. I am a professional journalist of Mrs. Clinton's generation, but I enjoy being at home and would not want to be in Mrs. Clinton's shoes. I'll be glad to bake her a batch of cookies any time.

Teresa Villa Cook



This week the Congress of the United States will spend several thousand dollars "investigating" how the White House spends money and the things on which it spends this money. Democrats are attempting to take the spotlight off their money management problems by making the president look like an extravagant spender. Of course, the Democrats will ignore all a president gives up for his country.

Yes, the White House would be extravagant if everyone worked only to serve President and Mrs. Bush, but for 33,000 guests in one year, the amount spent is not extravagant. That averages to approximately 92 guest a day! No member of Congress is under that kind of demand. Not only does he entertain in person, but the president spends hours in meetings about every aspect of governmental functions.

President Bush can never escape his job; he lives, eats and sleeps at work. Not only is he unable to escape the demands of his job, but he can never escape the threat to his life by foreign terrorists. The only threat on the life of a congressman may come from an angry voter.

Even so, Congress will misappropriate thousands of dollars in a feeble attempt to make Mr. Bush appear more extravagant and out of touch than the Democratic Congress is. I wonder if the Democrats are aware of the love affair between Americans and the institution of the White House. It surely does not appear that they are, and from the White House's comments, the White House is aware. Once again, who did they say is out of touch?

Matthew Summers

Bel Air

Small Change

If my arithmetic is correct, the difference of $60 per day [paid to chicken catchers on the Eastern Shore] from $72 per day is $12. That amount multiplied by seven men equals $84. Dividing that by 32,000 chickens, we arrive at .0026 cents per chicken.

Shame on Frank Perdue. I will personally boycott Perdue chickens until I hear or read that these chicken catchers' wages have been raised back up to at least the $72 each they were getting for a shift's worth of work.

Bill Voss


Had a Dream

I guess all the hoopla over the new Oriole Park prompted my recent dream.

I dreamt that all the school children and teachers threatened to leave town unless we provided decent facilities and books.

Joe Krauss


Allen's dancers

In your coverage of the Academy Awards last month, no mention was made of the splendid choreography of Debbie Allen. It added elegance to the entire show. Shame on you!

Maxine Gaskins


Liberia's civil war

We all know about the war in Yugoslavia, where many people are dying, others are starving and the country itself is in a state of disintegration. But what about Liberia, the West African country that had early support from the United States and always considered America its closest friend? Liberia has had a civil war since 1990. But though the UN was invited to assist in that troubled situation, the proposal fell on deaf ears.

Why has no UN peace-keeping force intervened in Liberia's civil war, in which thousand of people have died? Why is it that a UN peace-keeping force was sent to Yugoslavia but not to Liberia? Is it because Liberia is an African nation, a former friend that no longer interests America?

Gerald Smith



I read with interest the explanation by Dr. Errol Reese, president of the University of Maryland at Baltimore, (The Forum, April 1) why UMAB closed "the schools and non-essential services" on the Orioles' opening day. The obvious conclusion is that life will go on quite well in Baltimore and Maryland if most of UMAB closes for a day.

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