Junior Regional Winners To Bowl Off In State Finals


April 09, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

Winners of the National Junior Bowling Championship Baltimore West and East Regional tournaments last month will bowl Sunday in the statefinals at the Crofton Bowling Centre.

The West Regional winners were:

* Grades 3 to 5 Girls, April Watts, Greenway Odenton.

* Grades6 to 8 Boys, Jackson Steele, Greenway Odenton.

* Grades 9-and-up Handicap Division -- Girls, Katara Jones, Bowl America Odenton; Boys,John Herren, Greenway Odenton.

* Grades 9-and-up Scratch Division-- Girls, Jennifer Robinson, Greenway Odenton, with a 515 set; Boys,Mike Dixon, Bowl American Odenton, with a 651 set. Both Katara Jonesand John Herren threw 261 games.

The East Regionals winners were:

* Grades 2 and under Boys, Jonathan Grail, Fair Lanes Southdale.

* Grades 3 to 5 Boys, Chris Moore, Fair Lanes Southdale.

* Grades 6 to 8 -- Girls, Carrie Richards, Fair Lanes Southdale; Boys, JohnSwitala Jr., Bowl America Glen Burnie.

* Grades 9-and-up HandicapGirls, Tanya Gilcrist, Bowl America Glen Burnie.

* Grades 9-and-up Scratch Boys, Jason Fick, Bowl America Glen Burnie, with a 544 set.


Lou Lester, golf pro shop manager at Fort Meade, has a 14 handicap and carries a 207 bowling average. That's a real double threat.

Lester, a Severn resident, bowls in the Thursday Capitol Men's League at Greenway Odenton and the Friday Mixed at Fort Meade lanes.

A couple of months ago, he bowled his career-high set of 769, a series that started with his career-high game, a 299.

"That last ballwas an ugly shot," Lester said. "I let up on the ball and it went high, left the six pin."

Maybe it was an ugly shot, but it followed 11 pocket hits and gave Lester his career-high game and career-high set on the same night.

Lester, who throws a 16-pound Bud II bowlingball, likes everything about bowling, except "the parents who let their children run wild in the bowling center."

Parents, are you listening? Your children are your responsibility. If your children are seated they're not interferring with other bowlers -- and they're safe.


Jim Hodak, a communications technician, lives in Odenton and bowls at Greenway Odenton, Saturday nights in the Weekenders Mixed and in a Thursday-night league. He carries a 208 average, and in the Weekenders league on March 28, he threw his career-high game and set on the same night.

And he did it with a new bowling ball.

Hodak, who has been bowling since he was 6, said, "I just love the game. Ilove the competition, and I'm always trying to improve, so I had a new ball drilled.

"I hadn't even thrown a dozen games with the new ball before I had the shot at my first 300 game. I just eased up a little with the final ball and left the two pin standing."

Irene Jones, secretary of the Weekenders League, said, "All of the shot lookedgreat to me. I don't know why the two pin didn't fall."

Donald G.Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in the Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Don a call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.


* Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie

Pin & Ball Wizards 3/18

George Feeley 184/411

Mike Mulcahy 153/385

Cathy Krauss 135/402

Jim Fream 147/383

Kevin Lear 165/388

Kathy Taylor 131/390

Pin & Ball Wizards 3/11

Tom Hudson 166/456

Charles Crompton 148/374

Barbara Thompson 144/364

Cathy Krauss154/399

George Feeley 142/385

Tom Davis 154/384

Larry Meyer149/367

Eric Fleishman 148/357

Pin & Ball Wizards 3/25

Tom Schmidt 175/467

Tom Hudson 164/409

Eric Fleishman 163/414

Lane Schuster 171/398

Larry Meyer 159/422

Cathy Krauss 150/382

Bob Thompson 171/405

Kevin Lear 154/377

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Carol Miller 138/392

Nellie Bentz 147/489

Mary Bavis 125/355

Carol Miller 159/396

Joyce Scheibe 131/373

Mary Bavis 139/369

Monday Morning Ladies 3/16

Joyce Scheibe 140/396

Beverly Norris 371 set

Lizabeth Pence 146/363

Carol Miller 154/362

Annette Galante 358 set

Monday Morning Ladies 3/23

Shirley Robinson 163/437

Charley Fritts 150/426

Nellie Bentz 360 set

Kathy Beck 357 set

Hits & Misses 3/11

Vera Decoursey 154/370

Marie Ziffiro 137/345

Gerry Falls 132 game

Carol Schuster 127/342

Irene Chrzanowski 117 game

Barb Thompson 129 game

Diane Luhman 115 game

Bea Spencer 114 game

Joann Delandy 122 game

Denise Carrick 116

Dawn Ward 126/337

Carr Lowrey Mixed 3/13

Gary Shaw 148/428

Marion Dillworth 152/389

Tom Sparenberg 147/384

Janice Sparenberg 142/396

Bonnie Wolf 141/395

Michele Schreper 122/361

Fair Lanes Southwest

Louis Blackert 194/445

John Chilcote 195 game

Bob Van Kirk 199 game

Sherry Quinlan 489 set

Kathy Livingston 182/459

Dee Ireland 182/401

Betty Harris405 set

Eleanor Cookerly 414 set

Rose Zelinkas 400 set

Carol Manger 406 set

Aggie Bieman 403 set

Norma Gunkel 172/439

John Crouse 187 game

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