mowingbarely springand already the stillnesscut throughon...

April 09, 1992|By Cathy Drinkwater Better Heron


barely spring

and already the stillness

cut through

on all sides

fresh young lawns

mowed down

to a uniform military buzz

and recruited for barbecue duty

from where I sit

amid dandelions and clover clumps

there is order enough

without the blade

I've come to know those dry and

seasoned leaves

borrowed by the wind

to admire the steadfast bare spot

that defies my attempts

at cultivation

to cherish the divot behind the swing

where rain collects

@we'll mow soon enough

giving in

to the illusion of dominion

maintaining a path

unto the door

but from high above

it's all the same

to silent passersby:

the neighbors' manicured lawns

or my own run amok --

just green Every morning

You cross my sky

Your long legs trailing

Like a dark streamer

Shouting your name

You give me joy

Donna Nesbitt

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