Of fair play, we offer the...


April 09, 1992

IN THE INTEREST of fair play, we offer the following:

Listed on this week's press schedule for Baltimore County Executive Roger B. Hayden is an item for Saturday evening: "Dinner with Welsh delegation at White Marsh Dinner Theater, donated by Rose and Ken Nohe."

Ken Nohe? The county economic development director who had been pilloried for spending county money on fancy meals for himself, other county directors and business associates? Yes, the same one.

Well, Mr. Nohe took the heat -- and got into the kitchen.

His restaurant-theater will host a delegation from Wales, which will be in town to sign a "sister county" arrangement with Towson officials. With the cost of tickets to his dinner theater, plus drinks, the Nohes' donation will be worth more than $800. A few nights later, Mr. Nohe, county spokeswoman Carol Hirschburg and County Attorney Lee Parks will split the cost of a party for the visitors at Mr. Parks' home.

"We volunteered to do it because we don't want to spend county money," Ms. Hirschburg said. Also, the Baltimore County officials felt a debt for hospitality they were shown when they visited Wales last summer. It's news taxpayers can more easily digest, too.

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