Gun at school 2 boys arrested

April 09, 1992

Two students at Westminster's East Middle School were arrested yesterday after another student told a teacher they had a gun at school.

Principal Donald Reck gave this account:

Last Thursday one of the boys had fired his father's .357-caliber Magnum pistol without permission. But the discharged cartridge had been the wrong size and jammed in the chamber. The boy said that he wanted to unjam the gun without his father's knowing he had used it.

A friend said he would fix it if it were brought to school. But a third student saw them put the gun into the book bag of the boy who was going to repair it. Westminster police arrived at school shortly after 2 p.m., searched the book bag and found the gun.

Both boys were charged with bringing a deadly weapon onto school grounds and were suspended from school.

Their cases were referred to the juvenile services department.

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