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April 08, 1992

WESTMINSTER — A Baltimore man who ordered the killing of a gambling associate willbe sentenced today in Carroll Circuit Court.

Barry Kolodner pleaded guilty in December to agreeing to pay a county man $1,500 to kill Michael Blickman, a Baltimore man to whom Kolodner owed $8,000 in gambling debts.

As part of the Dec. 3 plea, the State's Attorney's Office tomorrow is expected to recommend a sentence of no more than 18 months in state prison.

In January 1990, Kolodner called Cpl. Frank Walters, an undercover state trooper in Carroll, and told him he wanted to pay $1,5000 to "make Michael Blickman dead," according to court testimony.

Court records show Kolodner owed Blickman more than $8,000 lost on a gambling machine in Blickman's Baltimore arcade. Blickman had been pressuring Kolodner to pay.

Instead of paying the money, Kolodner said he would give Blickman an illegal satellite decoder that would allow him to broadcast live horse races in his arcade.

Kolodner had been charged in Baltimore with selling the decoders and was scheduled to go to jail for six months for violating his probation by selling them again, court records show.

When Kolodner did not give Blickman the decoder, Blickman decided to turn him in to police.



WESTMINSTER -- A 21-year-old Springfield Hospital Center patient accused of raping two fellow patients was found competent to stand trial on the charges.

During a hearing in Circuit Court yesterday, Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. found that Brian James Meushaw is mentally able to face the charges of second-degree rape, battery, third-degree sex offense, assault with intentto commit rape and other sex offenses.

Court records show that Meushaw, who had to be subdued before the hearing, was charged with therape of a 24-year-old fellow patient at about 6:30 p.m. June 21.

According to charging documents, the woman was forced to perform intercourse and other sexual acts after a man threatened to hit her. The assault, which took place near a lake on hospital grounds, lasted forabout 20 minutes, court records show.

In a separate incident, court records show that Meushaw also was charged in connection with the rape of a woman who officials say is "physically helpless and metallyincapacitated" on Oct. 9, 1990. Charging documents say nurses found the woman naked in Meushaw's room.

Meushaw also was naked, and both were sitting on his bed, according to court records.

A trial on the charges will be scheduled.


Here is a compilation of some of the activities in Carroll Courts:

Circuit Court

Leslie Hall:Sentenced by Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold to 18 months in the Carroll County Detention Center, with all of it suspended, and 48 monthssupervised probation and participation in the Drinking Drivers Monitoring Program on April 1 for a driving-while-intoxicated conviction.

John Robinson: Sentenced by Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. to probation before judgment, three years of supervised probation and six months participation in the Drinking Drivers Monitoring Program Mondayfor a driving-under-the-influence conviction.

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