Farragut 'Disgusted' As Council Tables Recyclables Purchasing Bill

April 08, 1992|By James M. Coram | James M. Coram,Staff writer

County Council chairman Paul R. Farragut was livid after the counciltabled his bill to require the county to develop a plan for purchasing recycled materials.

"I'm very disgusted," Farragut said Monday after Darrel Drown, R-2nd, Charles C. Feaga, R-5th, and C. Vernon Gray, D-3rd, voted to delay action on the bill. Farragut said the bill was needed to help bolster a depressed market for recyclables. He saidthat if the county took the lead in buying recyclables, private industry might follow.

Farragut, a 4th District Democrat, said he worked for more than ayear with various civic groups and the Ecker administration to

draft a bill to everyone's liking. Shane Pendergrass, D-1st, voted withFarragut.

He said he had expected the bill to pass easily becausecounty administrator Raquel Sanudo and deputy administrator Cecil Bray had made suggestions for improving the bill.

"I don't know where people (voting against the bill) are coming from," Farragut said. "It's a real mystery. I'm very disappointed."

Drown said he was concerned that the bill might limit the county's options and make the county's purchasing procedures more expensive. Gray said he became concerned when he heard that a half-time staff person would have to be assigned to the project.

Gray said yesterday he is gathering information to answer his questions about the bill. He said he hopes to bring it back for a vote April 20.

Gray and Farragut had clashed earlier Monday over Gray's attempt to amend a personnel bill. Gray wanted to give council legislative assistants a higher job classification that would exempt them from overtime pay and compensatory time.

Overtime has not been paid during the county's fiscal crisis, but at least one assistant has taken five weeks off as compensatory time, Gray said.

"If a person takes off five weeks compensatory time and then takes five weeks vacation, you wonder how much you need that person,"Feaga said.

Farragut objected, saying this was a matter the council should deal with privately. Gray disagreed, saying a higher classification that would exempt legislative assistants from overtime or compensatory time would save money.

The amendment failed, 3-2, on assurances that Farragut would deal with the situation privately.

Inother action Monday night, the council voted unanimously to kill an administration-sponsored bill that would have authorized fees of up to $70 per household next year for garbage collection.

The council also unanimously adopted a forest conservation manual and passed new subdivision regulations that will ensure local implementation of the state forest conservation act.

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