City shows small signs of the arrival of spring

Jacques Kelly

April 08, 1992|By Jacques Kelly

It's hard to miss Baltimore's spring show. It's in the air and water. Clean, fragrant, fresh, new. If you're not convinced, just take in . . .

The magnolias outside Walters Art Gallery.

The kids playing lacrosse at Lombard and Bond streets.

The mature and lovely weeping cherry tree donated by gangster Capone outside Union Memorial Hospital's old 33rd Street entrance.

The view of the shoreline from the amusement pier at North Point (Bay Shore) Park.

The judas trees (red buds) sprinkled throughout Gwynns Falls Park and along Franklintown Road.

The green haze of trees that are budding in the Patapsco Valley at Sykesville. The CSX railroad's Old Main Line curls around the geography here.

The lush verdant dip in Green Mount Cemetery's topography where John Wilkes Booth is buried.

Flashes of white water at the Lake Roland dam in Robert E. Lee Park.

The skinned muskrat for sale at a Hollins Market stall.

A canopy of white flowering trees in the 100 block of W. Lee St. in Otterbein.

The grounds of Londontown Publick House, Edgewater, south of Annapolis, in Anne Arundel County. The South River is easy on the eyes on a fine April afternoon.

The greenery along upper Falls Road, with a side visit to Prettyboy Reservoir.

Clifton Park, where the golfers are out before the first rays of dawn.

Immaculate sheets hanging from clotheslines behind Ramona Avenue.

The banks of dandelions in Druid Hill Park.

The ornamental garden plots throughout Mount Washington that are carefully tended by volunteers.

The Homeland lakes.

The effect of all that March rain on the grass.

The pretty scenery at the little dock at Lancaster and Caroline streets.

The ruins of old water mills along the Jones Falls Valley.

The flowering shrubs at Maxalea's Nursery tucked away in the Idlewylde neighborhood. It's on Sherwood Road, south of Towson.

The view of the city from the SPCA Headquarters in Hampden.

Ditto, the water vista from the Hull Street Pier in Locust Point.

Any Bradford pear tree.

The washed windows and marble steps in Canton.

The playing fields at Herring Run Park, Harford Road and Chesterfield Avenue.

The surviving elm trees along Gwynns Falls Parkway.

The rushing waters and the greenery on the steep hillsides at Oella.

The stone houses at Rockland, Old Court and Falls roads.

The show of daffodils, which are in their last days, along Pratt Street. There's also a fine stand of white and yellow daffs at the 34th Street entrance to Johns Hopkins University. And on any warm day, the green lawn here is a favorite spot for sunbathers.

The cedars of Lebanon along Hillen Road at the Montebello filtration plant.

The seawall at Fort McHenry.

Just about any street -- or alley -- in Original Northwood.

The purple tint on the Middle Branch of Patapsco River when the sun is dropping down below Arbutus.

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