Food poisoning strikes 7 Birds on eve of opener

April 06, 1992|By Kent Baker

At least seven Orioles apparently were hit by food poisoning after Saturday's exhibition game in Washington, but everyone was expected to be OK for today's season opener.

One of those affected was Opening Day opening-day starter Rick Sutcliffe, and Rick Dempsey, since cut from the roster, was hospitalized for five hours early yesterday morning. Both made it to yesterday's workout.

"We think it was the sandwiches we ate before the game in D.C.," said manager John Oates. "Three coaches [Cal Ripken Sr., Dick Bosman and Greg Biagini] also got it. The last count was about seven."

But Oates avoided the nausea and related symptoms by bringing his sandwich back to Oriole Park at Camden Yards and putting it in the refrigerator. It was cleaned out before he ate it.

"We'll be all right tomorrow," said Sutcliffe. "It won't be a problem. There were some stomach cramps. I couldn't tell it until I went out to eat [Saturday night] and came home. Then I started feeling it.

"I think we need to find that guy who had those sandwiches."

General manager Roland Hemond said, jokingly: "I hope that stuff wasn't from Cleveland. We might have to investigate that."

The Boston Red Sox, who beat the Orioles, 4-3, at RFK Saturday, reported no problems with their food.

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