Davidson a runner-up at Fair Hill

April 06, 1992|By Special to The Sun

FAIR HILL -- Canadian rider Joni Lynn Peters and Jiffy Read from Winchester, Mass., won the two advanced divisions yesterday of the Fair Hill Horse Trials.

U.S. Olympic veteran Bruce Davidson, from Unionville, Pa., riding Hat Trick, was the runner-up in the advanced section in Division I, behind Peters on Snap Decision. Riding The Irishman II, he was also second in Division II, behind Read, who rode the German-bred Lotus.

The top riders used the Fair Hill even as a prep for the Olympic qualifiers, which will be held at Lexington, Ky., starting April 24, and in Feversham, Ontario, starting May 14.

Davidson will now take The Irishman II to England to compete at the Badminton Horse Trials, the world-class 3-Day event which the horse won last year.


Division I (36 starters) -- 1. Snap Decision (Joni Lynn Peters, Can.) 61.2; 2. Hat Trick (Bruce Davidson) 63.75; 3. Takeover (Jane Sleeper) 64.2; 4. Happy Talk (Bruce Davidson) 64.65; 5. Outback Red (John Williams) 64.8; 6. Pacific Lion (Missy Ransehousan) 69.05; 7. Whiskey River (Lisa Dreher) 69.4; 8. Desolate Angel (Phyllis Dawson) 71.15; 9. Risky Business (Rob Stevenson, Can.) 72.45; 10. Castle Cay (Sarah Cousins) 72.65.

Division II (41 starters) -- 1. Lotus (Jiffy Read) 52.15; 2. The Irishman II (Bruce Davidson) 53.85; 3. Sassy Reason (Stephen Bradley) 54.25; 4. Eagle Lion (Bruce Davidson) 54.55; 5. Von Perrier (Stuart Young-Black, Can.) 58.8; 6. Doubt It (Beale Wright) 59.1; 7. Sandalwood (Peter Green) 59.85; 8. Easter Parade (Jim Graham) 63.9; 9. Landino (Charles Plumb) 63.95; 10. Final Master (Grant Schneidman) 65.8.

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