Light-rail train hits open car door XHC

April 06, 1992

A light-rail train heading to the new downtown stadium struck the door of a car parked along Dolphin Street yesterday afternoon, shattering its window but causing no injury.

Lawrence M. Engleman, Mass Transit Administration safety director, said the driver of a 1981 Buick parked along Dolphin Street near Howard Street was opening the car's door as the train approached from behind.

The train's operator slowed but could not stop in time, Mr. Engleman said.

L The impact dented the door and caused the window to shatter.

The car's driver, Keith D. Bedford, 22, of the 1900 block of McKean Ave., told police he had not seen the train coming in his rear-view mirror.

The train was not damaged, and no delay resulted, police said.

Mr. Engleman said an automobile hit a stopped train at Howard and Saratoga streets during a practice run a week ago. There was no injury, and damage was minimal, he said.

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