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April 05, 1992

Laettner not perfect

Mike Littwin was on target with his columns of March 28 and 29; it's hard not to root for Duke.

Yet, I object to the statement of Christian Laettner's perfection. Sure, his statistics are near-perfect, but his attitude is far from it. One vision that I will always carry from the Kentucky-Duke game is that of Laettner stepping on the chest of a downed Wildcats player.

College basketball fans have also been treated to his expletives, thrown at opposing players throughout the NCAA tournament and caught by microphones for all to hear.

Seeing him race down the court after his last-second basket against Kentucky made me realize that the not-so-good guys can finish first.

It's much different in the NBA. Laettner is a thinking player and, in my opinion, doesn't have enough natural talent to make it big at the professional level. I'm looking forward to seeing him humbled in the coming years.

Ron Shillman


Cover college hockey

My family has subscribed to The Evening Sun and Sunday Sun for many years. We appreciate and enjoy the coverage given the Orioles. However, we are also fans of ice hockey -- especially college ice hockey. Thus, we are continuously frustrated by the lack of coverage given college ice hockey, especially in a "hockey city" like Baltimore. Although professional hockey scores are given, college scores are never printed (unlike the coverage given both pro and college basketball and football).

Please fill the void: Next season cover the major college hockey leagues (Hockey East, WCHA, ECAC and CCHA), and also report the results of the NCAA coaches poll. The major college leagues provide much of the talent entering the professional ranks.

Ronald T. Checkai

Bel Air

Redskins should keep name

American Indian pressure groups are urging that the Washington Redskins change their name. They contend that the team should change its name because it is offensive to American Indians. The problem with their suggestion is that balancing the various interests involved does not justify a name change.

On the one hand, we have a sports franchise with a name that is more than 50 years old. Traditionally, a franchise does not change its name. Even when a franchise leaves a city, the name remains. This explains such team names as the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Utah Jazz.

What would be accomplished by the change? Nothing. The severe problems that plague American Indians will not change one iota.

However, the pressure groups should be commended for one thing. They have done what three of my closest friends (one, my wife) have failed to do. They have forced me to buy a Redskins shirt. Winning the Super Bowl is nothing however; standing up against the politically correct movement is more important than anything, even hating the Redskins.

Dennis Olver


Substitute Schaefer for Bush

Why was President Bush chosen to throw out the first ball at the Orioles' first game in the new stadium? If he wants to throw out a first ball, let him go to Texas and throw out the first ball for his son's team -- the Texas Rangers.

By all that's decent, Gov. William Donald Schaefer deserves this honor.

Vernon Thaxton


Tyson is no hero

For those who suggest Mike Tyson should receive a suspended sentence because he is "one of a few" African-American heroes, I suggest you find a better hero.

Outside the boxing ring, Mike Tyson's actions were anything but heroic. I am deeply offended by people like Donald Trump and the Missionary Baptist Ministers Alliance, who think that what Tyson did deserves little more than a slap on the wrist. These people should be trying to help the young people who think of Tyson as their hero. Their money and efforts would be well-spent on educating young people about the terrible deed Tyson perpetrated against Desiree Washington, her family, and all of society.

The bottom line is: No matter if Tyson goes to jail or not; he is certainly a hero to none.

Sean Nugent


To Ripken Sr.: No smoking

I recently was appalled when I saw Cal Ripken Sr. smoking in the Orioles dugout during a TV game. Not only is this an unhealthy atmosphere for the players, but it is also a bad example for younger fans and players.

If Ripken can't quit smoking, he should at least wait till the game is over.

Lou Benson


Cooper should step down

After years of defending him, Kenny Cooper, I must admit, is at the heart of the Blast woes in recent years.

I feel this for three reasons. First, time and again he obtains the services of top-name players, only to see their production drop or see them released as a result of "not fitting into the system."

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