Atholton Raiders

1992 Boys Varsity Lacrosse Preview

April 05, 1992

Coach: Wendell Thomas, 14th year

1991 record: 1-6 county, 3-11 overall

Returnees: Seniors Brandon Miller (G), Scott McGee (D), Norman Flecker (M), Russell Belin (M), Brad Tyler (M), Chris Dustin (M), DavidHinsvark (M), Alex Flecker (A), Brian Pertman (A); Juniors Dave Koch(D), Josh Harrold (D), Dale Beauchamp (D), Charles Fuller (M).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Rob Opatvosky (A); Juniors Brandon Bloodworth (M), Darren Krieger (M), Tom Teal (D), Sophomores Matt Treese (M), Adam Shaivitz (D).

Coach's outlook: "We've got experience coming back at both ends of the field, and defensively we've really got it covered. I don't think we're going to be a super team in terms of record, but I think we should be a .500 team who could surprise a few teams."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Raiders' defense should be solid, especially if Miller continues to progress at goalie. Offensively,Atholton must replace John Milstead's 45 goals last year. Flecker and Pertman return at attack to pick up some of the slack. The additions of Opatvosky and Treese should translate into more production. Atholton is a .500 team at best.


Coach: Mike Siegert, 15th year

1991 record: 4-3 county, 6-6 overall

Returnees: Seniors Andy Armiger (D), Brian Hahn (D), Jordan Rechis (D), Dan Ahn (M), Jim Bartel (M), Mike Castellitto (M), Art McGreevy (M), Cullen Meade (A), Bill Alborn (A), H.J. Holt (A); Junior Werner Krueger (M).

Newcomers to watch: Seniors Ryan Scavo (D), Brian Feher (A); Juniors Will Hong (G), Greg Matschat (M), Brian Rhodes (M), Jeremy Odelius (M), Rob Ganion (M); Freshmen Rob Hauff (A), Matt Rainwater (F).

Coach's outlook: "We can put 10 people on the field who are pretty good lacrosse players, and that hasn't been the case since 1982. In the past, I didn't think our goal to win a county championship was realistic. This year, I do."

Howard County Sun outlook: This could be the Eagles' year. They've got more experience and balance than they've had in a decade. Their always-tough defense is back, led by Armiger andsurprising newcomer Hong in goal. Meade, who moves from midfield to attack, is the key to an offense that should feature a handful of scoring threats.


Coach: Rick Kincaid, fourth year

1991 record: 5-2 county, 10-4 overall.

Returnees: Seniors Mark Mays (A), Dusty Heusser (A), Kevin Lafferty (A), Andy Leedom (M), John Schulze (M), Aaron Slagle (M), Steve Schulze (M), Craig Flurry (G),Jim Bielski (M), Greg Feaga (D), Dave Harrison (D), Jim Partridge (D); Juniors Matt DeMontaigne (M), Jason Caulder (M), Greg Soule (D).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Mike Mincin (M); Juniors Brian Flavin (M), Avark Marshall (A), Jason Neale (M), James Zeiler (M); Sophomore Brandon Mitchell (D).

Coach's outlook: "We're a smart, unselfish team and I think we'll be competitive. We're a little thin on defense, but offensively, we're fine. We can't step out of our roles. If we do, we'll be in a world of hurt."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Gladiators will be hard-pressed to replace the graduated Jason Pett, a superb midfielder and leader. With the exception of Heusser, Lafferty and Flurry, every starter is new. But Kincaid's team showed last yearthey can play with extraordinary patience and chemistry. Look for more of the same.


Coach: Bill Smith, eighth year

1991 record: 5-2 county, 9-3 overall

Returnees: Seniors SteveMarucci (M), Shane Cunningham (D), Brian Leyda (D), Keith Chance (A), Eric Brown (M), Jesse Adami (M), Adam Gottesman (G), John Carey (D), Sameer Kshirshgar (D), Robert Dellavecchia (D); Junior Tommy Lea (A).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Brian Thierrin (G), Chris Mercurio (M); Juniors Greg Seward (A), Brian Triantafillos (D), Matt Bachinski (M); Sophomore Brent Ormiston (M).

Coach's outlook: "We have to play our best games against the Hebrons and the Glenelgs. If we developsome depth and cut down on our penalties, we feel we can definitely compete with them for the county championship."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Golden Bears should have one of the more explosive attacks in the county behind Chance and Lea, an All-County returner. Defensively, Thierrin has been the team's biggest surprise in goal. To outclass the league, however, Hammond must overcome its Achilles' heel, a lack of midfield depth.


Coach: Dan Ross, 18th year

1991 record: 6-1 county, 13-2 overall.

Returnees: Seniors BrianPolgar (M), Sean Foster (M), Mark Osterman (A), Adam Kellner (D), Steve Harris (D), Dave Roseman (G), Joseph Beard (M), Gene DeCrisei (M), Wei Chen (A); Sophomore Eddie O (M).

Newcomers to watch: Sophomores Karl Krantz (A), Don Merchant (D), Seth Eldridge (M).

Coach's outlook: "We lack skills, quickness, toughness and depth, and this isthe lowest turnout we've had in years. The only positive I can find right now is that we're trying. We're going to try to be competitive,but I don't know if we can stay with the big boys."

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